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August 21, 2010 by SEB9
To start, I do not take any credit for the following information. I have followed various items covering this subject on the net and found the following combination to work for my installation.

Running Visual Basic 6 on Windows 7 can be achieved in several ways. The first one that most people will come across is to install VB 6 using VirtualXP Mode, provided you have an eligible version of Windows 7.

I've done this and for more than a year had no reason to look for an alternative. That all...
December 21, 2009 by SEB9
The advent of Windows 7 heralded the arrival of a new OS that made me seriously consider upgrading from XP. The ease of Driver installation under Win7 is wonderous, it just happens! I've upgraded a PC's Motherboard and CPU, Windows 7 just dealt with it - brillent.I bet that all sounds pretty idiolistic, or worse I work for Microsoft. But alas that bubble has now burst, and no I don't.A little background first, before a little rant Our HTPC was working perfectly on the sound front. The PC is co...